Pick-up & delivery service

Shipping options: security and express

The following offers apply to all services: Visa procurement, legalization, translation. You are welcome to submit the already completed application or fill it in with the help of one of our employees, in our office. Since all applications require a picture in a special size, we recommend to stop by in person, because our photo booth allows you to choose between several size options. If you decide to submit documents regarding legalization or translation, please pay attention to our opening hours first. Since we need the original documents for a legalization, email and fax are not an option for this service. Of course, you are also welcome to pick up the finished documents yourself from our office or issue a power of attorney, to have someone else pick it up for you. Please note, that in this situation this person must also bring your receipt and their own ID.

  1. Collection service: We offer an express collection service for your applications and documents, where we will collect your documents, after you have called and informed us. Please ask us for details.
  2. Delivery service: We offer an express delivery service for your completed visa, legalization and certification. As agreed, we will send them back to you as fast as possible.
  3. Collection and delivery service: We will take care of the complete transport of your documents, ie we will collect said documents from you and also return them.
  4. Airport service: We offer an airport service, so that you receive the documents and visa at the airport, on the day of your departure.
  5. Express visa service: If you want to receive your visa as soon as possible, we offer the option of an express visa. We strive to get your visa ready within two days. Please ask us for details.
  6. All-round package for your visa, your documents and translations – VIP service: Since things often have to be done quickly before such a trip, we are happy to support you with all the necessary work. We will help you fill out the application, either in person at our office or over the phone. We will process the application immediately, apply for the visa as quickly as possible and deliver it back to you at home.