Express service

We offer the express service for all our services and the delivery of your documents, by our courier service. 

All services can also be offered as an express service if there is an understanding beforehand for this. 

 We will send the completed documents to your desired address, through our courier service or by an employee. Whether it is a regular visa for China, India, Russia, Vietnam or an Indian passport, OCI card or legalization/translation/notarization, we can always offer you an express processing. Please note, that we might need your original documents for some of our offered services.

1. Courier Service – (Premium Express Service).

To be on the safe side, we recommend sending the visa/original documents with recognized courier services. In the past we have worked with various agencies, DHL and other well-known courier companies, to guarantee our clients the best delivery service possible. They deliver it safely and you can track the documents anytime, once we hand them over to the courier.  Orders are processed quickly if you have arranged them accordingly for the completion of the visa service. We will inform you as soon as we receive your visa back from the consulate, to ensure the receival of your documents, before you start your journey.

From €165 excl. consular fees.

2. Express Visa / Same Day Visa / Fast Visa / Flash Visa

The processing of this kind of visa only takes us one day, to make sure you receive your order as soon as possible. Please talk to our staff and let them know what type of visa you want. Since we have direct contact offices in many important jurisdictions, your application will then be brought to the consulate within a few hours and can be processed on the same day. The most important thing is, for you to speak to our agent and inquire about the possibility of a same-day visa or a visa within a few hours. It is theoretically possible, but still depends on the availability of our staff, services, consulate or embassy working days. The cost of the same day service also depends on various factors, which we will inform you about accordingly in advance, as soon as we learn that you wish to enter a particular country. Please note, that in some consulates, applicants might have to pay an additional fee for the express processing of a visa and it can only be issued as an express visa, depending on the requirements.

From €80 excl. consular fees.

3. Express Courier Service

After receiving your approved visa back from the consulate, if you urgently need your passport to start your journey on the same day and want delivery on the same day, we can also send it to your desired address, through an express courier. If you have questions or are interested in this service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about this and we will be happy to answer all of them and / or organize everything on your behalf.

Courier service Returns: From €65 excl. consular fees.
Courier service pick-up + return: From €120 excl. consular fees.

4. Airport Service

After receiving your visa and approval from the consulate or embassy, ​​we also offer our clients airport delivery. We then bring the documents to your desired location, to ensure the receival of your visa, before you start your journey. Former clients, who have made use of our service in the past, were extremely satisfied with our fulfillment of this offer. If you book this service, our trained staff will personally hand over your passport to you at the airport or it will be deposited for you at the airport. 

From €100 excl. consular fees.