Key account service

Top service for business customers: Delivery and collection service

We offer a personal delivery and pick-up service, with all the necessary documents such as applications, documents and passports with a visa, (after the visa has been obtained) to your home. Also as standard/express processing for visa procurement. 

Our Services: We can arrange a service contract with you, should you insist on this.

Personal service hotline number with a fixed contact person with comprehensive, individual advice that offers everything in one. A fast service is offered to business customers.

We offer business clients all types of visas and legal support including translations and notarizations.

We also offer express delivery service and fast service for business customers, including tour operators and travel agencies.

Applying for electronic visas and travel authorizations (e-Visa for India, ESTA, ETA, etc.).

Application assistance/filling in/or filling in forms for online application/procedures (e.g. China, India, Russia etc.)

We check your documents for completeness.

The transmission of the application documents to the embassies and consulates is carried out by our own employees, at four different locations in Germany.

We will complete the online application as soon as we receive your completed service form. You have the option of submitting your documents by email, fax or WhatsApp.

We also offer various ways of tracking your applications, so that you, as a customer, receive updates and can check the status of your application anytime.

Additional services:

-Attestation/ legalization / certification of documents

-Translations as well as quality checking of documents

-Mediation of foreign health insurance / travel insurance

-Reproduction of passport photos

-Company-related online solutions/ online access/ online tracking, various technical solutions, through an employee

-We offer the creation of an immediate cost estimate