Legalization for India

AuthenticationCons. FeesIGCS FeesKVZ FeesIn total
Attestation of educational certificate, adoptation documents etc.27,00€13,50€24,50€65.00€
Power of attorney27,00€13,50€24,50€65.00€
Sworn affidavid27,00€13,50€24,50€65.00€
Commercial Document ( Business document)64,00€13,50€24,50€102.00€
Issue of Certificate in respect of name date of birth, divorce etc.27,00€13,50€24,50€65.00€
PAN number / Copy of passport (must be attested)14,00€13,50€24,50€52.00€
District Court + Notary+++100,00€
Certification of original documents – Client has to sign at the notary
To certify a copy the client doesn’t have to make an appointment at the notary, but instead submit the original documents
Applicants may also arrange an appointment on their own, at a notary or the district court, to certify their documents

Transfer of urn filled with ashes to India
To grant a permission, the applicants have to apply in person.

Required documents:
Death certificate, passport of deceased person, letter of the escort, certification; approved by the packing company; that the urn only contains the deceased person’s ashes