Haven’t booked your rental car for the upcoming trip yet?

You can now book your rental car anywhere in the world on our website. From holiday trips, to all-inclusive offers, there are endless possibilities for you to get a hold of global package tours at reasonable prices, whether you’re an early-bird or placed your booking a little late. So don’t hesitate and book that trip you always wanted now.

From small cars to station wagons, everything is offered to you at a wide range of best prices. With a variety of car classes, you can categorize yourself according to popular rental car models or customer ratings, which will help narrow down your choices. This also gives you the freedom to decide where you want to pick up your rental car from and whether the return location should be the same. In most cases, the offer can be canceled free of charge 24 hours before picking up the rental car. But before renting, you should make sure that your driver’s license is valid in the country you are traveling to.

If the age group, throughout the travelers, is specified, the price range can be narrowed down way easier as well. For example, a rental car can be offered in Dakar for an age group of 27-73 years, which can cost €400 to €5,400 over a period of one week. However, a rental car in New Delhi might cost €300 to €2,200 under the same conditions. This can vary from place to place at any time, because cities like Paris (€100-1,300) or Amsterdam (€200-2,500) are cheaper in price. The city of Bangkok is the best example of this, as the price range there ranges from €100 to €4,000. 

Since most tourists usually have a second driver with them, this can also be included in the total price of the main renter. In addition to the option of registering a second driver, there are also some other features that can be included in the booking: For families, various types of child seats can be booked for a price of €20. Another feature that should not be missing in any vehicle would be a navigation system and in tropical places, it would be beneficial to rent a car with air conditioning, whereas smaller cars are more suitable for urban areas with more compact roads. Those who prefer to venture into the mountains or on safaris, without a guide, should opt for a 4×4 or even a van. These would also provide additional protection for tires, windshield etc. , which is necessary. It is recommended to also consider the fuel option of a rental car, as not all fuel options are distributed equally at the travel destination.

Most travelers tend to prefer criteria that matches the Stiftung Warentest. These do not include any additional costs for fuel regulation at the travel destination, no costs to be borne in the event of damage or theft and only rental companies with a good to very good rating are displayed.  

Small cars are usually the cheaper option and can start as low as €300 per week. Compact or mid-range cars usually have a rental price of €450 to €500. In the upper class, which mostly applies to off-road vehicles, the rental price is about €600, while in a premium class the rental value is already at €2,000. There is also the option of renting a van in some countries, which tend to have a rental value of €200 or more. Various gearboxes are also available for rental, such as automatic, diesel, all-wheel drive and hybrid/electric, but please note, that four-wheel drive cars are not always available in every area. 

To rent a car you always need a suitable insurance, so that in the event of emerging fees, due to an accident or theft etc., you have the choice of not paying, of a damage excess and/or a 100% refund of a damage excess. Other insurance options f.ex. for the windshield, tires, roof and bottom of a rental car can also be insured individually or as a premium package. Additional options would be the Allianz insurance without a deposit or liability insurance of at least 1 million euros. 

Payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa Card and American Express can only be used at at least the price of €300. The payment method PayPal is usually only possible with a payment of at least 400€. There is also the option to pay in cash, on site, upon collection. This can also be canceled free of charge 24 hours before collection.