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Advantages of the cooperation

1. Cost Reduction

2. Cooperation in many different areas

3. The best service provided by our employees

What do we offer you as a partner?

1. We are the most experienced visa service providers. We will obtain your visa within 2-3 days, but we also offer expedited service, with the help of a fast courier service. We are there for you, no matter which country you want to travel to. 

2. We offer translation/legalization/certification for private and corporate customers in different matters.

3. We offer support through a law firm, which cooperates with us, for migration/ and similar requests.

Our employees, expertise and technology are world-class. We’re backed by our own offices in India, and direct partner offices in Australia, USA, South Africa, China, & Russia. We work also together with offices in Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin & Munich, to be able to provide you with the best service possible . For questions regarding the law, we have our legal adviser, an Indian lawyer, Saju Jakob, who has legal practice and offices in India, Germany, United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland as well.

Partner for all services?

Whilst we offer various services, our main focus lies on visa and immigration services, legalization and certification, as well as translation and cooperation, with the help of the law firm ‘Saju Jakob’. If you choose to become our partner, you will benefit from all of our offered services and by that, ensure your economic growth. Our goals in general are to reduce costs and maximize customer satisfaction, by offering them even more services, while staying in close contact with them. We want you to keep on growing and enhancing your business, by reducing costs together with us, and assure an increasing efficiency through physical collaboration and technical growth. In addition to that, The Jakob Law Firm offers its support with round trips, travel insurance law and matters relating to foreigners, including certifications and translations. Another possible advantage of yours would be, that you could offer and promote your company with our services, since we can perform said services on your behalf. For example: You then may tell your customers, who need support services in real estate matters, notarization, power of attorney and legalization of documents, that the Jakob Office offers direct legal services and support. You can make use of all our services, some services or only of one service. In this way you can also become a partner for the respective services. 

Why should you choose our company?

During the cooperation, we will enter into an agreement/contract with any terms and conditions you agree to, where the principle of good faith and the performance of the contract will be clearly mentioned. We take over all of your tasks, such as making calls, answering e-mails and coordinating the communication channels with your clients. Our employees send every application to the respective consulates and have them processed there. It’s like having your own office in each consulate/embassy’s jurisdiction. You would get your own access to our systems as well, which will allow you to see and control everything on a daily basis.

Previous Partners and Current Partners:

In total we have over 100 partners in the following areas:

1. Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.

2. Migration Lawyers and huge Law Firms, specialized in International Exchange, with highly qualified staff.

3. Private Visa Service Providers and individual Sole Traders.

4. Embassies and Consulates of multiple different Countries

How will We work Together?

 Working with you, we solve all of your problems, accelerate progress toward achieving goals, and add value to you and your business.

 We will remain your trusted partner once you decide to enter into a cooperation with us and we will always try to help you and to extend our businesses together. Join our partner program as soon as possible, so that you can immediately offer your customers additional services and solutions. We are here to protect your interests and not to compete with you, but to complement your unbridled growth.

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