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Choose one of the most beautiful trips to Asia, such as India , Sri Lanka , Thailand , Cuba , Laos , Myanmar and many other top destinations worldwide.

Of course you should pay attention to when the best time to travel a specific country is, since there’s a monsoon climate in most tropical countries. If you would like to take a trip with different / changing climate zones, you should plan the trip between March/May and October/November. Otherwise the best time to travel would be from December to February, for sunny weather. 

One of the most popular travel destinations is India, as there are many beautiful places to be visited, such as Mumbai. For those who are more of an island lover and are looking for a little more relaxation, should definitely explore the islands of Thailand. Especially Khao Lak Island, known as one of the storm-destroyed islands and now no longer recognizable as that, is one of the most idyllic and beautiful islands of Thailand. But if you are looking for something quieter, with many different cultural imprints and want to see mythical places, you should certainly take your trip to Laos, since it offers a lot of small provinces, which are interwoven with historic monuments. Vientiane, at the same time the center and the capital of Laos, thrives through culture and economy these days, while being characterized by its French architecture. Apart from the fascinating city center, Vientiane also presents a huge variety of historic monuments, such as temples, museums and, above all, places of remembrance.

 Just like Laos, Sri Lanka also offers many options to get to know the country’s culture better, but besides that, it is also a leading economic force in the south-east of Asia. Another, very popular, country these days is Cuba, especially, because it’s capital Havanna flourishes as a holiday and business location. A further perfect example for a natural environment with a great, magical experience is the Vuelta Abajo in Cuba: it is in full green nature and you can explore the famous tobacco fields, where the best tobacco in the world is produced. Additionally Cuba offers many beautiful national parks with a lot of interesting attractions, which are definitely worth a visit. And while international fairs or events take place annually, one should absolutely visit some cities like La Palma. 

Located in the Kampot province, in the town of Bokor Hill, Cambodia, lies a very special national park, which features a mountain tour on the back of an elephant. For hikers who prefer to stay on their own feet, the park also offers hiking tours with experienced guides through the magnificent lands of Cambodia. For safari lovers we recommend a trip to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, because in addition to the city and night life, the city of Nairobi also offers a national park, where one can book safari trips into the park. Furthermore, most locals also speak English, additionally to Suaheli, making communication all the easier for travelers, and in some provinces, locals might even speak French as well. Since Bangladesh has the largest mangrove forest in the world and is a purely biologically manufactured ecosystem, it would also be a great experience to book a boat tour through a national park and learn some more interesting facts about the forest.

 Another must-see city if you are interested in foreign cultures and history, would definitely be the city of Saint Petersburg, located in the middle of Russia. With architectural buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries everywhere, you can admire the constructions all day and all night. In addition to that, every summer the White Nights Festival takes place there, where you can visit the opera, a classic ballet or even a carnival. Many travelers who spend their holidays in Nepal tend to spend most of their time in nature and engage in various activities there, the most popular being trekking. Most even trek up to 10 days, to reach the top hill and its surroundings and some might even dare to participate in more extreme activities and take part in paragliding or bungee jumping.