About Us

We are a German company based in the middle of Downtown Cologne, specialized on the south-east of Asia, and are able to provide you with visas, legalization, translation, OCI cards, PIO cards and passports. Our bureau works with private clients as well as with corporate clients in the following matters. We do not belong to any embassy or consulate and are an independent institution.

  1. Visa & Consulate Services – We fill in and complete your visa application and send it to the Consulate for you.
  2. Legalizations – We do consular certifications for you.
  3. Money transfer to over 200 countries!
  4. Integrated Post office – Deutsche Post, DHL (International and Inland)
  5. Photo Fix: You can take pictures, in the required size, for the international applications made in our office, with our photo booth ‘FotoFix’ at a price of €10 for 4 photos. 
  6. We offer translation and proofreading of official documents.

Please note:
The approval of a visa application is at the sole discretion of the embassy or consulate in charge. Under no circumstances does the Cologne Visa Center guarantee that a visa, passport, PIO or OCI card will be issued or that a document will be certified.

The decisions of the embassy or the Consulate General are not subject to a judicial review by a German court.
The Cologne Visa Center only checks the completeness of the application. As soon as the submitted documents are completed, we will forward them to the embassy or consulate immediately.

If the corresponding documents are incomplete or only a copy is provided, no further processing can take place. We will then inform you by post about the next steps.
Please note that we strongly advise you to not book a travel or flight before your visa is issued.
As soon as we receive your authorized application back from the consulate, we will send it back to you immediately or hand it over to you personally, during our opening hours.

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