Translation / Proofreading / Apostille / Attestation / Legalization / Localization / Annual contracts for major clients

We are experts in translation, apostille and proofreading. Correct and confidential.

1. German
2. English
3. Indian languages ​​(Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Telungu, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi and other Indian languages ​​after consultation by phone or email )
4. Spanish
5. French
6. Russian
7. Chinese
8. Arabic
9. Turkish
10. Ukrainian
11. Other languages ​​after consultation by phone or email

Special features: We specialize only in the following areas and only in the 8 languages ​​mentioned above. We have our own technical experts and business lawyers who deal with matters like this on a daily basis. When translating, we pay attention to cultural sensitivity and the integration of language usage. We use native speakers and subject matter experts from the respective country and subject.

The following are translated:
1. Commercial
2. Business and advertising materials
3. Legal documents
4. Financial and corporate documents
5. Academic documents
6. General documents/ reports/ certificates
7. Technical data

Commercial, business and advertising materials:
• Business letters/flyers/websites/brochures/business documents/Power Point presentations
• Reports/press releases/catalogues
• General Terms and Conditions (GTCs)
• Lectures
• Documentation
• Forms/applications/offers/commercial confirmations/assumptions/tender documents /financial offers/ technical offers/ legal offers/ export and import regulations/ customized documents/ letter of credit procedures
• Ad hoc notices
• Economic books/ business books/ magazines
• Bank records
• Business Reports
• Resolutions/ directors ‘ resolutions
• Financial reports/ annual reports
• Appraisals/ due diligence

Legal documents:
• References, reminders and notices of termination, employment contracts, payslips, data protection agreements
• Wills
• Written complaints/ objection/ appeal / revision
• Court judgments/ divorce judgments
• Informal sales contracts and the like
• Contracts – all types of contracts, partnership agreements, employment contracts, service contracts, joint venture contracts, commercial contracts, dealer contracts, partner contracts
• Legal texts and comments
• Opinions
• Penal orders, arrest warrants, interrogation records
• Extracts from the commercial register
• Powers of attorney/notary documents
• Legal reports and texts, books
• Documents presented before a court
• Labor law documents and all other legal documents relating to all other areas 
• Banking, corporate, commercial, real estate, antitrust, copyright and competition law

Financial and corporate legal documents:
• Company incorporation documents/ partnership agreements/ share certificates
• Inland revenue and tax documents/ court orders for payment
• Income and sales tax returns
• Ad hoc notices
• Resolutions, directors’ resolutions
• Due diligence reports
• Annual reports
• Inventory, profit and loss • Financial statements ( according to HGB, IAS/IFRS, US-GAAP)
• Annual balance sheets

Academic documents:
• Application documents / curriculum vitae / cover letter
• University degrees • Academic titles and certificates
• Diploma theses, seminar papers, master’s theses, doctoral theses
• Academic books

General documents/reports/certificates
• General documents/certificates/medical legal documents/medical reports/living records
• Birth certificates / death certificates
• Wedding certificates
• Transfer certificate
• Ratification certificates
• Certificates of honor • Certificates and certificates from all administrative authorities

Technical data
• Work report
• Technical offer for tender
• Technical and user manuals
• Instructions for use, safety instructions
• Operating instructions
• Product descriptions
• Guidelines / framework conditions, data protection declarations
• Patent specifications / trademark guidelines
If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you! Please inform us about further details.

Annual contracts/ business customers
If you have a continuous need for translation, we offer you the option of entering an annual contract with us. Depending on the scope, special customer-oriented prices or line prices are offered at the beginning of the year, which are valid for the period of the contract.